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Welcome to the trip to discovery of a best sports atv in the world!

Thanks for visiting my blogsite dedicated to the Kawasaki KFX450R and it's aftermarket accessories.

Agnieszka on brand new one


In the following week I will put the review of a KFX450R itself along with basic accessories and European street legalisation pack.

street legal Kawasaki kfx450r- blinker

street legal Kawasaki kfx450r- speedometer


street legal Kawasaki kfx450r- licence plate

I couldn't help not to put the picture of my good-old KFX700. So here it is just after the ride when it got it's headlight broken.:

previous Aga's quad


Whoah! I'm building my little test track. The firrst laps are recorded by my wife- she smiles because the're lame... well, I'll put it anyway- chack this space- it's about to grow better!!



*based on the 2006 world supercross championship winning kx 450f.
*designed to lower center of gravity, centralize mass and inertia points which is particularly important on big bore 4- stroke, single- cyclinder engines.
*aluminum cylinder with chrome composite plating provides rapid heat transfer, superb wear resistance and optimun lubrication retention for increased performance and durabilty.
*precision manufactured, lightweight, forged piston with a low friction coating on the skirt.
*semi- dry sump lubrication system for quicker engine responce. the majority of oil is stored in the transmission to keep excess oil away from the crankshaft and prevent power- robbing stirring loss. with only a shollow chamber to collect oil at the bottom of the crankcase, where a scavenge pump moves it to the transmission, the crank is located as low as possible to help lower the center of gravity.
*twin oil pumps ensure proper lubrication and oil scavenging for opimun performance.
*to eliminate external oil lines, oil passages are built into engine cases to reduce weight and improve reiability.


*intake ports have an ultra-smooth finish to improve intake efficiency. lightweight titanium valves reduce reciprocating weight.
*dual overhead, asymmetrical high-acceleration camshafts are treated with a soft-nitriding surface treatment to reduce friction and provide reliable operation at all rpm.
*located on the exhaust camshaft, the automatic compression release allows for easy starting.


*light weight, tapered titanium, head pipe with heat shield improves exhaust efficiency over a greater rpm than straight tubing.


*provides sharp engine responce for instant acceleration when landing from jumps.
*easier start-up provides an edge in competitions with dead-engine starts.
*extremely light throttle pull reduces rider fatigue.


*the first reverse gear in the class allows the rider to back away from pile-ups or blocked trails without having to dismount, saving time and energy.


*push-button starter makes firing the engine easy.
*optional kick start system available.


*the frame, sub-frame and swingarm are all formed from lightweight aluminum, makeing the kfx450r the first in its class to have an all-aluminum chassis, which is approximately 20 percent lighter than a steel frame.
*highly rigid frame and low center of gravity contribute to excellent stability in corners.
*single box-tube lower frame is very narrow at the front, allowing longer a-arms to be used in the front suspension. this minimzes camber change as the long-stroke suspension tracks over rugged terrian for better handling.


*the front shocks are considerably compressed when the machine is unloaded,leaving plenty of travel available in negative-g situations so that the front wheels can maintain contact and control if the terrian falls away.
*a cast aluminum swingarm features stress-dispersing curved lines and rounded edges and its high torsional rigidity contributes to the kfx450r exceptional rear wheel traction.
*the rear shock with piggy-back reservor featurs adjustments for both high- and low-speed compression damping as well as rebound damping and spring preload.


*dual 163mm front disc brakes are clamped by twin-piston calipers.
*200mm petal rear sisc brake helps reduce unsprung weight and the petal design helps clean the brake pads for more efficient braking performance.




Motocross performance based on the World Champion KX™450F

Take the short cut to the circuit with the all-new Kawasaki KFX®450R ATV.  This high performance machine doesn’t require extensive and expensive modifications to make it race-ready, because it already includes all the race-winning performance and technology required for success straight out of the crate. 

The KFX450R’s design incorporates everything riders need to win races.  Every component was chosen to maximize performance on the track or in the woods and to minimize the fuss of getting there.  This highly advanced racing ATV comes with all the performance and technology necessary to put riders at the head of the pack.

The KFX450R ATV uses a powerplant based on Kawasaki’s highly acclaimed KX™450F motocross engine. With the addition of an efficient and highly-responsive 32-bit digital fuel injection system, the KFX450R’s engine produces more torque in the low and medium rpm ranges for outstanding hole-shot acceleration. The use of fuel injection helps ensure that the engine’s performance remains consistent and is virtually unaffected by changes in temperature or altitude.  This ATV’s ability to find traction is superb, and its four-stroke torque helps keep the wheels hooked-up for improved handling and higher corner speeds.  Other race-ready features include a lightweight titanium exhaust header pipe and a durable forged piston.

Winning at the track depends on a chassis that’s built to handle tough race conditions.  The KFX450R offers the full benefits of an all-aluminium frame, combining exceptionally light weight with the extreme stiffness needed to win races.  However, it isn’t just advanced materials that give the KFX450R its race-winning edge. The front suspension design incorporates extremely long lower A-arms mounted to a single box-section lower frame tube. This results in outstanding response from the front-end. At the rear is a cast aluminium swingarm that provides the ideal balance of flexibility and rigidity resulting in unparalleled traction. The high-tech chassis also features a very low center of gravity and excellent roll resistance.  Regardless of changing conditions or rough track surfaces, this race-oriented chassis makes the KFX450R a potent weapon in the battle for ATV supremacy.

Competition-oriented equipment, including the only reverse gear in its class, helps keep the KFX fast and reliable. Previously unheard of in racing, the KFX 450R’s lightweight reverse system lets riders quickly extricate themselves from first turn chaos or dead-end trails. This important feature means on-track incidents (like getting nosed-into a wall) no longer result in an early retirement from the race.

Kawasaki has also made the KFX450R easy to work on, so riders can concentrate on winning instead of wrenching. The two-piece front and rear “lapped” fenders make it possible to replace sections separately if they get damaged.  Even the headlight assembly is quickly detachable for closed-course races, and the compact design means that the ATV looks just as aggressive with or without headlights.  These features leave little doubt that the new KFX450R was designed to get its rider on the racetrack and winning races as quickly as possible.  *standard renthal tapered aluminum fat-bar is strong and light and offers superb control.
*two-tone seat is smooth on top for rider mobility and textured on the sides for grip to aid in turning. the shape of the seat, tank and side covers were also designed for excellent mobility and turning support.




Engine Liquid-cooled, four-stroke single, DOHC, four valves per cylinder
Displacement 449cc
Bore x stroke 96 x 62.1mm
Fuel Injection 32-bit digital, with 42mm Keihin throttle body
Starting Electric
Transmission Five-speed with reverse
Final drive Two-wheel drive, chain
Frame type Aluminum double cradle, racing type
Front suspension / wheel travel Dual A-arms, coil-over shocks / 8.5 in
Rear suspension / wheel travel Swingarm with piggy-back reservoir shock, dual-rate spring / 10.0 in
Front tires AT21x7-10
Rear tires AT20x10-9
Front brakes Dual 163mm discs with two-piston calipers
Rear brake 200mm petal-type rotor with single-piston caliper
Overall length 71.1 in
Overall width 46.0 in
Overall height 41.9 in
Seat height 30.9 in
Wheelbase 49.4 in
Ground clearance 4.3 in
Lighting Dual removable headlights
Dry weight 364 lb
Fuel capacity 2.6 gal
Footpegs Sport-style serrated
Color choices Lime Green / Super Black, Bright White / Super Black, Super Black

A machine’s racing performance is often limited by the performance of its frame. And since swapping frames is no easy task, the KFX450R comes equipped with a high-performance frame right from the start.

The KFX450R is the first ATV in its class to offer a completely aluminum chassis: frame, sub-frame and swingarm are all formed from lightweight aluminum. But more than for its weight saving potential, aluminum was chosen for its highly rigid properties.

The highly rigid aluminum frame contributes to the KFX’s excellent rough-road handling and traction. The frame’s high rigidity (especially its torsional rigidity) makes the KFX extremely stable in corners and allows the suspension to be easily set up to suit course conditions.
KFX450R Frame KFX450R ATV Narrow Frame
The highly rigid aluminum frame contributes to the KFX’s excellent rough-road handling and traction.

The lower part of the frame consists of a narrow single box-tube to which the front suspension’s lower A-arms are mounted.

KFX450R ATV Renthal HandleBars KFX450R ATV Swingarm
Renthal FAT-BAR is standard equipment. Tapered, the Renthal bar offers both strength and light weight.

Wall thickness is different for each surface, resulting in a design that is both light and strong.

KFX450R’s narrow frame tubes allow longer A-arms reduces unwanted camber changes.

The shorter A-arms of a dual tube frame canott control camber as well as the KFX450R.

Compared to steel frames with similar rigidity, the aluminum frame offers roughly 20% in weight savings.
Designed for high corner speeds, the KFX is set low to the ground, helping to suppress any tendency to roll.
Mounting the battery low, in front of the engine contributes to the low centre of gravity, and weights the front wheels for increased traction when cornering.
The lower part of the frame consists of a narrow single box-tube to which the front suspension’s lower A-arms are mounted.
This design enables the length of the A-arms to be maximized. Longer arms minimize camber change as the suspension tracks over ruts and bumps and allow the use of long-stroke suspension for superior road holding performance.
The front suspension features reservoir shocks with dual-rate springs. Even when the machine is unloaded, the shocks are considerably compressed, which means that there is plenty of down travel available to keep the front wheels in constant contact with ground even when the ground drops away suddenly.
Thanks to the narrow frame design the length of the front suspension’s lower A-arms are maximized, offering excellent road-handling performance on both enduro-style GNCC courses as well as on MX-style GNC tracks.
The extra long lower A-arms minimize camber variation through the suspension stroke. Keeping camber as consistent as possible helps maximize front wheel traction and contributes to stable handling performance.
KFX450R’s narrow frame tubes allow longer A-arms reduces unwanted camber changes.
The shorter A-arms of a dual tube frame canott control camber as well as the KFX450R.
A Renthal FAT-BAR is standard equipment. Tapered, the Renthal bar offers both strength and light weight.
The handlebar mount, positioned high enough to use the Renthal bar, can easily accommodate other MX handlebars, enabling riders to select from among numerous after-market parts according to personal preference.
A balance of looks and strength, the cast aluminum swingarm is comprised almost entirely of stress-dispersing curved lines and rounded edges. The swingarm’s high torsional rigidity contributes to excellent rear wheel traction and road holding. Wall thickness is different for each surface, resulting in a design that is both light and strong.
Reservoir rear shock offers dual compression adjustability (high-speed and low-speed damping can be tuned separately) as well as rebound damping adjustability. Taking into account the chassis’ low centre of gravity, rear suspension settings offer superb road holding and traction. (Photo 5)
The rear axle is tapered for reduced unsprung weight.
Specially designed aluminum rear wheels feature rims with reinforcing plates. Located on the inner (axle) side of the rims, these plates reinforce the rims where strength is most needed (for landing jumps, etc) while minimizing weight.
The KFX450R features a petal brake at the rear. In addition to helping reduce unsprung weight, the wave shapes of the petal disc helps clean the brake pads for more efficient braking performance.
The parking brake, which activates the rear brake, was designed to be easily engaged and released even while still wearing gloves. When engaged, the parking brake lever prevents the clutch lever from being actuated.
Front 163 mm drilled disc brakes with twin piston calipers provide hard stopping power.
In the event of getting stuck, the front bumper, wide enough to be gripped with two hands, provides a handy spot to push and/or pull the ATV.
Two-piece construction of the front and rear lapped fenders means they can be replaced separately in the event they are damaged.
Tire tread patterns were specifically selected to offer high traction for acceleration as well as excellent control characteristics when sliding the wheels while cornering.
The front headlight assemblies can easily be removed to reduce weight when racing in MX-style (GNC) events.

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